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Hopefully coming to your hometown!

Kristin Roberts Psychic/Physical Medium/Remote Viewer/Oracle Card Reader/Spiritual Counselor/Certified Psychic Healer/Teacher/Speaker at Events/Paranormal Investigator/Radio Co-host with “Traversing the Vail”. 

I believe that we as humans, are all interconnected and have a spiritual purpose in life. Those who have had Readings, Messages, Home Blessings, and Paranormal Investigations with me will attest my ability to project evidential messages from spirit. I will focus on how to create healing and joy in your life. 

My goal is to answer your questions and help you understand your journey and to be fulfilled in this life time. Giving you a truly unique experience. 

Death is a very weighted topic but being as well-versed in addressing this in a very light, loving, supportive, and professional manner.  I’m personal and upfront, upfront, and combine many different spiritual modalities to help you along your own personal path. To craft together a truly powerful and informative reading.  

A psychic reading can uncover what blocks and or obstacles that might be in you path, and how you can heal and overcome these obstacles, or at least work around them. In your reading we can address love and relationships, family, career, success, money, health, spiritual guidance and your physical health.  I believe that knowledge is power-the more you know, the more power of choice you have. The future is not set in stone. You create your future by the choices you make right now. 

Its my pleasure to share my 20 plus years of experience with you, my goal is to enrich your life. I’m located in Southern MI. 

I am also a “Physical Medium”, a translator standing between two realms…I am a conduit of energy, bringing forth messages from beyond to this physical world. Spirits will communicate with me. I’m very successful in bringing over a loved one. 

I also Read Oracle Cards (present, past, and future). 

I also remote view to aide in paranormal investigations with sprits or issues in the home. I do home blessing and to remove negative energy. 

I scan the body for areas or imbalance that you may need to pay attention to. Available for private home parties, Phone readings, House blessings, Team investigator with G.L.A.S. Parano

Hopefully coming to your hometown!  “Keep your mind open to receive messages from Spirit and let’s get connected”

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