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Additional Information : Hosting a Private Home Party

“Hosted Private Home Party” Many people are now having a lot of fun hosting a psychic house parties, with the increased popularity!  The party will consist of your friends and family members or even co-workers.  Individuals will have a one on one personal reading with me a psychic-medium. If being the first time for your guest, encourage and let them know what a psychic-medium does.  Very important for preparing for your psychic reading! Write down your questions down the week of the party. This will allow you to gather your thoughts until the day of the session. When we are in the energy of the session, it’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask. It seems many forget them and I don’t want you to say..I wish I would have asked that question later when you remember our time together. I want you to have the best opportunity and experience. The Purpose… How and what does your soul need to follow your journey in life? I want to give you the best opportunity to have your question’s answered. It’s your destiny your choices. It’s your time, to open new doors of opportunity.  We will share energy together when I pull in your guides or angels.  This energy we share will give me the ability to read your mind and body with your permission and talk and validate with your ancestors, family, friends that have passed over and complete your answers to your questions. You will then have insight of information to make the best decision for yourself  “It’s free will”.  It’s your journey of information, so it will help to make the best decision for yourself when you seem to be at a crossroad in life.   The Medium & Deceased… Being who I am over 20 years of experience I’m able to be successful of bringing over the departed. I will validate the presence of the spirit in our session. You can ask questions at that time. Example do you have a message for me from dad? Be specific on who you want to come. Remember most people have a lot of ancestors that will come over too. If so I will put them in a holding area until you confirm. I do recommend you bring a small picture or object from them to help you focus on them. I also can read objects that you bring.  Being open to receive message…Part 1 Right before you’re reading quite your mind. I will offer oils for you to breath in by rubbing your hands together. This creates focus and energy frequency. I will then go into your reading.  I do write down what I’m picking up that validates you and or issues that are immediate and need your attention.  I call the next step the direct connect when we touch our hands together and the energy field between us.  My Spiritual deck(s) of cards… I will read your past present and future and or messages you need to know that come once the deck is shuffled by you.  Many times the cards will validate and enforce the reading.  Readings are usually 20-30 minutes per person depends on the host and how long they booked the party. You will be surprised on how time flies. I keep a timer to keep us on track. If you feel you need more time we can schedule another appointment at another time. I like to phone readings also.    Rescheduling… I understand that life events get in the way and make it necessary for you to reschedule your party.  This can be arranged with a 24 hour notification that’s validated by a confirmed email or text email response by me.  In case of an emergency, either on your end or mine, I will do my best to reschedule you at the earliest time. Note I can be booked up to two months.  I book all parties on the weekends. If you do not reschedule your event within 72 hours you forfeit your payment/deposit. NO SHOW… I respect your time and will do my best to be on time for all scheduled readings, and I expect the same courtesy from you. If some reason, you don’t show up for our scheduled party I will then consider this a no show and you will forfeit your payment. There are no refunds for no shows.  Responsibility by host… The host is responsible for total payment of the booking.  If a guest does not show the payment of the booking must be paid in full by you. So have guest pay ahead of time to avoid this. You can pay in full and or deposit on my website:  Cell # 517-930-4306  

Thank you for booking your psychic home party!